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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Obsession

Growing up there were always sweets in my house and my dad and I loved to indulge in all of them!  I passed my sweet tooth on to my children and we love to choose new desserts to make each weekend.  We all have different favorites but we can all agree that in the cookie department, chocolate chip cookies are KING!  While making chocolate chip cookies, my daughter wanted to eat the dough, but I would not let her due to the slight risk of salmonella.  So off she went to Pinterest to see if she could find a recipe of cookie dough that she could eat!  She found one and many more that has aided in her cookie dough obsession!  Eggless chocolate chip cookie dough, double chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough ice cream and cookie dough fudge.  I’ve attached two of her recent cookie dough inspired youtube videos from her channel Jenna’s Kitchen!  What is your favorite cookie dough inspired recipe?



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