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Lessons on responsibility, risk and business skills

My husband has been looking forward to this moment every since the kids were born.  The moment that the kids would start their own business adventure and to top it off in agriculture!  We started building their herds early by giving them a heifer and letting them decide what to do with their calf.  Each child has 2 cows, one bred heifer and some cash to put toward their future (college, house, car, business, etc) and a start in the cattle business.  The kids decided to buy pee wee calves this summer to feed and sell this fall.  I must admit when my husband first brought the idea to me, all the possibilities of what could go wrong ran through my head.  What if the calf died and they lost all their money, what if they get hurt one day while feeding, are they old enough to handle the daily responsibility?????   But my husband assured me that they were ready and this would be a good learning experience.  I was still hesitant but agreed and my husband wasted no time calling our order buyer and putting in the first order of two pee wee calves (pee wee’s are not newborn but ~200 lb calves).

They got the barn ready and within a week the first calf was bought.  Jace wanted Jenna to get the first calf so he could watch and learn before he got his.   A trip to the bank and stockyard and “Bobby Joe” arrived at his new home.  As soon as they got him unloaded and fed, the lesson in money and record keeping began.  (My husband is a farm loan officer by day so crunching numbers is his superpower!)  About 10 days later, Jace’s calf “Super Boy” arrived at the barn.

In the next few weeks, it became apparent that my husband was right and this was a good decision.  The kids took great ownership in the calves and their care.  Each trip to the barn started with a fun game of tag with dad.  In the barn, lessons on herd health, nutrition and anatomy were given. The pride and accomplishment in the kids’ faces are priceless to me and something that I will cherish about their childhood.   The farm offers a place for exploration, adventures and life lessons.  And for that I am truly thankful!

Money in hand

Money in hand


Bobby Joe

Super Boy

Farm Records

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Asparagus Time!

I look forward to springtime for many reasons but one in particular is asparagus!  When we moved to the farm, I had to leave my established asparagus bed…sad. So I had to start over and dig those darn trenches and wait at least another year before I harvested a single spear. But the time has come and I have asparagus to enjoy right now! Asparagus is packed with nutrition and flavor but it’s one of my favorite side dishes because it is so quick and easy to prepare. From the garden to the plate in less than 10 minutes! So this time of year I rarely have a meal without it! I have tried some different recipes this year to add some variety, but my kids like the simple oven roasted asparagus with olive oil, sea salt, a little garlic powder, and pepper the best!  Establishing the asparagus bed was work but I will be enjoying asparagus for the next 10-15 years off this planting!

It's time for asparagus!

It’s time for asparagus!

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Dream Big

Dream Big with Wiggleton Creek Farms

The New Year always brings the excitement of a fresh start, new resolutions, new goals and new opportunities.  It is time to evaluate last year and dream about the possibilities of the New Year.  And this year’s theme for our family is “Dream Big.”

Over the last several years we have been taking baby steps to be able to live the dream.  This for us is to have a profitable farm where we can raise our kids and they can learn the value of hard work and gain an appreciation of where their food comes from.  As I type the dream sounds simple, yet there are so many moving, intertwined parts of the concept, it quickly becomes more complex.

Farming is not a new venture for us, my husband and I both come from a long line of family farmers and we have been farming together for 15 years.  Yet there have been changes, many changes that have led us to this point:  two strong willed children, loss of a parent, remodeled a house, built a house, public work, loss of public work, and maturity to realize the important things of life.  So this New Year we sat down as a family set goals, came up with a farm name, and discussed the farming enterprises that we wanted to pursue.

Wiggleton Creek Farms was created and now our journey begins!  I wanted to share our dream in hopes that it might help teach, inspire, or just provide a good laugh!  Our adventures spans from vegetables and a commercial kitchen to pigs and chickens, so if you have an interest in farming, food and family, we invite you to come along for the trip!

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