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Oh , how I love BREAD!

I love just about any kind of bread! Biscuits, yeast bread, sourdough bread, sweet breads, pizza crust and I could go on for days about my affinity for carbs. And in the winter, I have more time to try new bread recipes that I have been saving all year for just the right time to bake them. However winter is almost over (thank goodness) and I’m still packing on insulation like it’s my job. Bread is my culprit. In KY, spring does not officially arrive until the middle of March so I have a few more weeks to make it through the saved recipes and before things get extra busy on the farm!

So I’m going to make the most of the next few weeks!

Moderation and I have never been friends, so this weekend I’m going to try soft pretzels, pizza bread, along with my usual best bread machine bread. Ahh, my bread machine(s), now they are great friends. My aunt Edith got me my first bread machine 17 years ago as a wedding present and it’s still kneading with the best of them. So much so that my father in law bought me another one just like it when I thought mine might be on the fritz! Lucky for me, my husband was able to fix it with some simple adjustments!

I hope to share some of my favorites soon, but for now here is  Allrecipes: Best Bread Machine Bread by SHECOOKS2.

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