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#FarmersThankDonimos Day

Support those who support you has always been part of our business plan.  Today it was certainly one of those moments to teach this important practice to our children.

Dominos Pizza recently took a stand in favor of the Farmer.  While many other restaurant chains have bought into animal rights groups’ propaganda, Dominos philosophy is Farmers know best.  Tim McIntyre, Dominos spokesperson said, ” We will never tell a farmer how to farm. We will never tell a rancher how to raise his/her animals. What we believe is they’re the experts.  They have the most vested interest in raising their livestock.  It’s not just a job, we recognize that.  It’s a life and we appreciate that–and we’re not afraid to stand up and say it!”

Thank you Dominos Pizza for supporting the farmer.  In return, I proudly support #FarmersThankDominos Day.

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