We are third generation family farmers who are starting a new venture focused on local food products and teaching our young children the importance of agriculture, rewards of hard work, and the value of quality family time!
Agriculture has always been a large part of my life. I remember setting tobacco at age 5 and as I grew so did my responsibilities on our tobacco, game bird, chicken, and vegetable farm. Mom and dad were full time farmers so we spent A LOT of time working together on the farm. I went through a phase as a teen when I thought farming was too hard, time consuming and big salaries were far from reality. So I decided then that I would never farm, marry a farmer or live in the country! Big city lights were calling my name. So off I went to college. It did not take long for me to realize that I missed the country, farming, and I had fallen head over heels for the young man I had been dating in high school who was destined for farm life. Lesson learned never say never!
We completed our agriculture degrees early so we could buy a farm and get started farming right away! We worked tirelessly to make farm payments, start saving for the kids were going to have in 5 years, and enjoying the time we got to work together. Having children slowed down my farm work as all my focus was on the kids, the home, and my job as an agriculture educator.
But now the kids are 10 and 7 and old enough to begin working with us on the farm. And to our great joy, they both have an interest and desire to farm with us and even start their own farming endeavors. So this new chapter of our operation includes the kids and their beginning farmer journey. Plus some things that mom and dad have always wanted to try!
It will be a process but we invite you to join us along the way.



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