Press Pause!

I want to first thank everyone who has journeyed with me on my Wiggleton Creek Farms adventures!  They are certainly not finished, but I do feel it’s time to press pause.

Last year, I gave up my food business in January, feeling that it was what I was supposed to do.  Yet I really did not fully understand what the year would have in store.  I truly enjoyed feeding people and the joy of putting together recipes and new foods for families was true excitement for me!  However, Jenna was starting to become more interested in food and her YouTube Channel and I felt called to work with her on achieving her goals with that.  I was so proud of her for thinking big and dreaming bigger but in all honesty I thought this would be a great hobby to develop life skills, confidence and some cooking ability so she would be able to feed herself when she left home.  How I underestimated her and the plans God had for her. Now, I do not have the grand finale of this story but I know that it was God that gave her the talents, desire and confidence to pursue her dreams. While I’m not sure about the end game, or results of the game, I know that he has given her a platform to glorify him and I pray that we do not miss the opportunity.

I digress…I haven’t been as active on the farm blog because through Jenna’s food experiences, I have renewed my passion for food. And while I know that all food starts on the farm, I think this space limits what I have to share with others.  So I have started The Coles Life to be the chronicles of the farm, food experiences and life in general.  I hope you will continue to follow our journey as we carve our path through The Coles Life.  Join us on Facebook, Instagram and soon YouTube.  Thank y’all and much love!

It’s still a work in progress but I would love to know what questions you have about food or farming, examples of food obstacles you would like solutions to, or kitchen appliances you have questions about?  I might not have the answers instantly but I would love to find them for you!




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