Fish Fry: Spring 2015

When we moved to the farm, we had a couple ponds that we had used for watering cattle over the years.  Yet, the one closest to the house we wanted to redo, fence the cattle out and use it for a recreational pond.  Lots of work went into fixing pond, but we were happy with the outcome!  We had the deck built, the gazebo moved closer, and just needed to stock the pond with fish!  Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has a program to stock farm ponds that do not currently have a fish population.  By completing a short application and paying $75, our pond was scheduled to be filled with bluegill, catfish and bass!  We received our bluegill and catfish last fall and we recently received the bass!  They are only 11 days old but you can already tell they are bass.  Before releasing them into the pond, 2 died in transport, and I was going to take a picture so I could share what my little bass looked like.  However, I was multitasking: talking on the phone, releasing my live fish in the pond and photographing the moment and before I knew it Dixie (our family farm dog) ate my 2 dead photo fish in one lick!  But the good news is that by next spring, our fish should be big enough to catch and eat!



11 day old bass

11 day old bass

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