Spring has Sprung!

It’s hard for me to believe that it has been a month since my last post!  Lots has happened but I was always waiting for time to develop the perfect post, well that time never came, so here is a brief update!  Sadly, we did not get approved for our high tunnel as the program has run out of funds:(  No high tunnel means more time to experiment with other projects!

We have started seeds, planted transplants, cleaned raised beds every pretty day that we have had this spring.  When I think of spring the first things that come to mind are daffodils, strawberries and asparagus!  I hope to have time to write about each of my favorites soon.  But March was full of strawberries, so let’s start there!  My dad and I have birthday’s in March and I made my first homemade strawberry cake with cream cheese icing for the occasion.  I need to work on the presentation but it tasted pretty good!

For my birthday, I had a list of kitchen gadgets I wanted but at the top was a ninja blender.  My coworker has one and she was teaching about making “green” smoothies and I just fell in love with the machine!  I was not disappointed and have made many strawberry smoothies since (I even added some spinach to some to copy my coworker’s “green smoothie”)!

I cannot wait until fresh strawberries are in season and we can start making pies, jams, etc.  Until then we will just continue to  Live…Grow…Farm!


Strawberry Smoothies with the Ninja!

Strawberry Smoothies with the Ninja!


Dad’s Birthday




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