Dream Big

Dream Big with Wiggleton Creek Farms

The New Year always brings the excitement of a fresh start, new resolutions, new goals and new opportunities.  It is time to evaluate last year and dream about the possibilities of the New Year.  And this year’s theme for our family is “Dream Big.”

Over the last several years we have been taking baby steps to be able to live the dream.  This for us is to have a profitable farm where we can raise our kids and they can learn the value of hard work and gain an appreciation of where their food comes from.  As I type the dream sounds simple, yet there are so many moving, intertwined parts of the concept, it quickly becomes more complex.

Farming is not a new venture for us, my husband and I both come from a long line of family farmers and we have been farming together for 15 years.  Yet there have been changes, many changes that have led us to this point:  two strong willed children, loss of a parent, remodeled a house, built a house, public work, loss of public work, and maturity to realize the important things of life.  So this New Year we sat down as a family set goals, came up with a farm name, and discussed the farming enterprises that we wanted to pursue.

Wiggleton Creek Farms was created and now our journey begins!  I wanted to share our dream in hopes that it might help teach, inspire, or just provide a good laugh!  Our adventures spans from vegetables and a commercial kitchen to pigs and chickens, so if you have an interest in farming, food and family, we invite you to come along for the trip!

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One thought on “Dream Big

  1. Brittany Young

    So excited to follow you on your New Year journey! Such a great example of hard-working, passionate, and an amazing family .


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